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Want to use our softwares on your iPad or iPhone ?

A sound card, your guitar, your headphones or Monitoring, your phone or tablet, and you’re all set !

Fat Blob For iOS - iPadOS

Get the powerful sound of the Fat Blob on iPad and iPhone ! Connect your sound card directly to your mobile device, and enjoy an unique experience wherever you are !

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Your questions

How does the iPhone and iPad version work?

To use Fat Blob on your mobile or tablet, you simply need an audio interface in USB-C Or USB to Ligthening or an iRig interface, a pair of headphones, and of course, the app downloaded from the App Store. Once you launch the app, just choose the sound card in its settings and you’re ready for hours of guitar playing!

How do I hear my guitar’s sound?

You have several options: connect headphones to the audio interface, or even use monitoring speakers, or plug into your mixing desk during rehearsals! You can also use your phone’s output, but it won’t be the most optimal solution to enjoy the FAT BLOB sound!

What is Fat Blob on my iPad or iPhone for?

Many users have asked for it, and it allows you to use the software on the go, anywhere!

If I buy it on iPhone, can I use it on iPad?

Yes, the purchase is linked to your iCloud account. By buying it on your iPhone or iPad, you can install and use it on both your devices (iPad and iPhone).

Can I use Fat Blob on an iPad/iPhone DAW?

Yes, our Fat Blob version for iOS/iPad is compatible with DAWs on mobile devices like the iPad/iPhone version of Garage Band.

Why is there such a big price difference between the regular Fat Blob and the iOS/iPadOS version?

The Fat Blob mobile version is a “Lite” version. The sound remains the same as the computer version, but some features have been removed, such as a lot fewer factory presets, or the ability to change pickups.

How can I control Fat Blob iOS or iPadOS with a controller?

There are MIDI/Bluetooth foot controllers like the “IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard” that will allow you, from the app’s settings, to control whatever you want in Fat Blob Mobile. You just need to click on “Learn” and click on the spot you want to assign, and you’re all set!

I already have the Fat Blob computer version, do I need to buy it again?

Unfortunately, due to Apple Store restrictions, we cannot offer the Fat Blob iOS/iPadOS software for free to owners of the computer version. You will need to purchase it from the App Store.