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Does your software run on Windows & Mac Os

Yes, our plugins are compatible with Windows & Mac OS, you will find two types of installers in your customer account in the “downloads” tab.
A Windows format (.exe) and a Mac OS format (.pkg).

What should I do once I have purchased my license?

Once purchased, go to your customer account, you will find your software available in the “download” tab.

Once the software is downloaded and installed, at the first opening you will only have to enter your identifiers (email / password) of your customer account “BLOB AUDIO” to activate the license and be able to access to the software.

Can I use my software on different computers simultaneously

It is impossible for you to use several versions of the software at the same time. But we have thought of everything, from your customer account on the BLOB AUDIO website, you have the possibility from the “My licenses” tab to untie your active license.
By this operation, your license will become free and you will be able to activate the software with the same identifiers on another computer.
You can repeat this operation as many times as you want to switch between different computers.

Is there a trial version

Yes, a 7 days Trial version is available, it allows you to use the software in its entirety for a period of 7 days!

what hardware do I need to run the software

To use the software, you need a computer (the minimum system requirements are mentioned in the product sheet), as well as an external sound card. It is not mandatory to have a DAW (recording software) because the software works as a standalone application.

Does the software work with all recording software (DAW)

Yes, our software has been tested and designed to be used with all DAWs, please check before purchase that your software uses one of the following PLUGIN extensions: VST3 / AU or AAX.

For Ableton live 10 users, only version 10.1.0 supports VST3, if you use a lower version you will not be able to use our software.

What type of format should I install for my recording software

We advise you not to customize the installation because if you change your registration software, your plugin may not be detected if your extension was not installed during the first installation.

To help you: Logic Pro (AU), Protools >10 (AAX), Cubase (VST3), Reaper (AU/VST3), Sudio One (AU,VST3), Ableton Live (AU/VST3), FL Studio (VST3), Garage Band (AU), Sonar (VST3), Samplitude (VST3).

I bought a preset pack, how do I install it

Before, make sure you have purchased the software allowing the loading of the preset packs you have bought because without it your presets will be unusable.

Once you have purchased the preset pack, go to your BLOB AUDIO customer account, click on the “downloads” tab, select the installer according to your operating system (WIN or MAC OS).

Once downloaded, open the installer, restart your computer, your pack will be loaded in your software.

I have created presets, how do I share them

On your software, in the presets>my preset tab, you will find the presets you have saved. To the right of the name you have given to your preset is an icon with an arrow, by pressing this arrow you will be able to export the selected preset to the location of your choice.

Once saved (file with the extension “yourpresetname.xml”) you can send this file to your friends, which they can load from the “import preset” section of the presets window.

Is it possible to install the software on my smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately, our software is not developed in smartphone and tablet versions, so you will need a computer (laptop or desktop). If one of our upcoming software has porting to phone or tablet the information will be indicated on the product page.

I have latency, what should I do

Don’t panic, the reason is probably due to a bad setting of your software.

In Standalone, go to “AUDIO SETUP”, you will find a line: “AUDIO BUFFER SIZE”, you will have to refine the setting. The higher the value (e.g.: 1024), the more important the latency will be, the lower the value (e.g.: 64), the shorter your latency will be. This setting depends on the power of your computer, it is up to you to find the right setting.

I have no sound in my standalone version

If the plugin does not receive an input signal:

1. Click on your AUDIO SETUP settings and confirm that your audio interface is selected as input and output (and that the device type is set to ASIO for Windows), also check that your routing matches that of your interface (e.g. your guitar is plugged into input 1 of your sound card, check that you have selected in AUDIO SETUP Input 1 as input source).
2. Check that your connection is correct on your interface and that you have the appropriate input gain, as well as the “audio input mute” disabled.
3. For Macs only: go to System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Privacy>Microphone and check that the plugin has access to the microphone by checking the box.

If you see an input but hear no sound:

1. Go to the AUDIO SETUP menu and confirm that the “Mute Audio Input” option is off, and that your output is on.
2. Check that the output volume on your audio interface is activated (master button).

If you only hear your sound clear (Direct Input):
1. Disable the “Direct Monitoring” on your audio interface.

Where are the plugins located on my computer

Here is where the plugins are located:


VST3: Macintosh HD/ Library/ Audio/ Plug-Ins/ VST3
AU: Macintosh HD/ Library/ Audio/ Plug-Ins/ Components
AAX : Macintosh HD/ Library/ Application Support/ Avid/ Audio/ Plug-Ins


VST3 : C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
AAX : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\AudioPlug-ins

Can I use the software in offline mode

You need an internet connection to activate your license but you have an OFFLINE use of the software for 10 days. A message will tell you the number of days left before you need an internet connection to verify that you have a valid license. 

Do I need an Ilok or Elicenser to activate my software

No, our license management system is managed by BLOB AUDIO, the only thing you need is your login to your personal BLOB AUDIO account, buying an Ilok or Elicenser to use our software is of no use.

Is it a one-time payment or do you have to pay a subscription

it’s a one shot payment, the software is yours for life!

We offer, the possibility of being able to carry out the payment, until 4 monthly payments.

Concerning the FAT BLOB, how many amps and pedals does it contain

The FAT BLOB contains all the information detailed on the dedicated page.

that is : 

3 Amps, 10 Pedals, 1 Mix Rack and all the tools that the FAT BLOB offers.

Are your software products MIDI controllable?

Yes, they are MIDI-controllable thanks to “Midi Learn.” You can use a MIDI/USB keyboard or a MIDI/USB pedalboard. Please note, some pedalboards may require a lot of configuration time!

My software is not visible in my DAW. What can I do

Check that your DAW software supports 64-bit plugins.

There are no presets in my software. What should I do?

Presets may sometimes not be accessible if you install the plugin with a different account than the one you are using. The presets are installed in the following path: Windows: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\BlobAudio By accessing this directory, you should find two folders under two different users. You can copy and paste the presets from one user to the other to resolve the issue.

I have performed an update and I am receiving an error message when I connect.

We invite you to check the messages on the customer homepage (BLOB INFOS) in your client area. If any specific actions are required, they will be indicated here.

You may need to renew your access to our license service. To do this, simply go to “My Licenses” and click on “Unlink my licenses”.

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