FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin FAT BLOB audio plugin

Plug in, open the Fat Blob and play the guitar where you want, when you want…

With the guitar tones you want !


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It’s simple, I’m FAT BLOB, an audio virtual studio technology plugin designed to offer you maximum versatility, comfort and ergonomics.

In addition to being totally autonomous (standalone) I adapt to all DAW software.

I embark with me 3 amps :

  • “Blue” which will take care to offer you a clean sound at the same time warm, crystalline but especially adjustable/modulable with wish.
  • Then, you will find “Green”, apart from having a classy and vintage look, it will offer you a crunchy, crispy but also explosive sound when you ask him.
  • And the last one “Purple”, with him, welcome to the world of modern rock, metal and other music that makes your head move. Thanks to its ultra-developed and precise gain, you’ll be able to use your guitar as a weapon of mass destruction.

But that’s not all ! In addition to these amps, you’ll find 10 effects pedals, which will allow you to fine-tune your sound with maximum quality and, above all, bring out your creativity.

I forgot to tell you… I took the challenge to offer you a unique tool to push the amp simulation to its limits! That’s why I will be equipped with the first MIX RACK for guitar, with which you will be able to mix your sound directly from FAT BLOB, expect a huge, incredible and professional result!

Finally, I’m integrating some custom tools for guitarists that will be useful and will make your life easier. But that… I’ll let you discover it below.

FAT BLOB Package FAT BLOB Package

Your Amps

3 amps and cabs to suit all your needs

Blob Audio Amp Blue

Blob Audio Amp Blue


If you are looking for a warm or crystalline sound, I am here ! Of course, I’m full of sweetness but beware my friend, I’ve got a temper and it’s better not to look for me ! I can’t wait to meet you and team up with you !

Oops, I forgot … My name is “BLUE”.

Blob Audio Amp Blue
Blob Audio Amp Green

Blob Audio Amp Green


Do you want to have a sound that is close to the old school or current guitar legends ? Very well, that’s just what I do ! With my vintage chic style, I’m a classic type but some say my “Hi-gain” side coupled with my crisp grain is in today.

In short, I’m “GREEN”.

Blob Audio Amp Green
Blob Audio Amp Purple

Blob Audio Amp Purple


Legend has it that I am the source of your dark side and was forged to turn your sound into a battlefield ! But no matter what, my mission is to be precise and efficient, whether it’s for rhythms, solos or your pleasure. If you’re chilly, know that I’m scalable and easy to calm down.

I have been called “PURPLE”.

Blob Audio Amp Purple

Your Pre FX

5 pre fx included to fine tune your sound




Cleanliness problem ? Sizzling ? Or other harmful sounds in your guitar playing.

I’m “Block My Noise” and I’m here to clean it up ! So you can enjoy your guitar experience to the fullest !
I am also accessible at any time from the main interface.


Pitch Tuning

BIG TUNE - Pitch Tuning

Hey, I’m “Big Tune” and I have good news !

Thanks to me, you won’t have to buy a second guitar to play in another tuning! I offer you in a wink of an eye, to choose the tuning that will make you happy to play your favorite music ! But I am not only that! I bring with me a fully adjustable Octaver to meet all your needs !
Also find the detune function on the main screen for even more speed.



JUICE PRESSOR - Compressor

Need punch, clarity and consistency when you play guitar ? That’s exactly what I’m about ! With only two easy-to-adjust knobs, you’ll find what you’re looking for, because I was designed to be universal and suitable for all guitars! Even yours! I can’t wait to team up to send some good sound!

Remember my name, I’m “Juice Pressor” (recycled from a factory that sold oranges)




Let’s make it simple, when you need to get more oomph, gain and sometimes a little more nastiness in your sound, just click on me and I’ll be there to get my claws out ! Coupled with the “Blue” amp I can be very wise and bring a bit of crunch to your game! But merged with “Green” or “Purple”, I can get very nasty. Yes, you can say that I am a versatile overdrive … I would say even more… A “Wolverdrive” !




For me, it’s like a vitamin pill. If you feel that your game lacks pep, my role is to give it a good boost to make it better ! I only have three buttons, but they do the trick because everything is calculated to get the best results.

I have been given the name “Baby Boost” probably due to my soft leather.

Your FX

5 post fx included to enhance your sound


Reverse Pedal

CREAVERSE - Reverse Pedal

I’m brand new to the world of amp simulation. Because I can reverse what you play and the result will increase your creativity and your desire to play with me constantly ! I can be adjusted as much as you want and I can even create a reverse echo for an amazing but very satisfying result.

Some people think I have a brain that works backwards and my friends call me “CREAVERSE”.



CHOR&US - Chorus

Hi, I’m Chor&Us, I was inspired by the great choirs to propose you my effect ! But most of all I based my effect on the great guitarists who have always used me since the dawn of time ! With my different settings I can be both very present or very small to add a very stylish texture to your guitar sound.


Reverb + Shimmer

BLOB VERB - Reverb + Shimmer

My passion is space, that’s why I offer you a reverb full of width. Thanks to my 3 modes (flat, shimmer and shimmer +), I can sound soft or atmospheric. I’m totally modular and I’ll adapt to your tastes: Aim for the moon or stay grounded, it’s up to you !

Don’t forget my name, I’m “Blob Verb”, let’s get on board when you want !



WAVOLO - Tremolo

As my name indicates “Wavolo” I am here to offer you a tremolo that will change the identity of your guitar sound! With me you can transform your signal as you want: sinusoidal, square or even mix the two !

Yes, everything is possible, I can even
I can even synchronize myself in time to create very… particular sounds !




Very hard to do without me to create beautiful atmospheres, depth and body to your sounds ! Yes, I am “Klone Delay”, and I am very complete ! I adapt to all your desires, because I take with me different modes (classic, stereo, space) that will allow you to customize it so that you can find your happiness ! And if you merge me with my friend “Blob Verb”, we’ll have some nice surprises in store for you !

Trust me, you and I are together for life.

Mix Rack

Wait, wait, don’t think the adventure is over !

To finalize your guitar sound and have a professional rendering, Blob Audio has integrated a unique tool to push the amp simulation to its limits !

The Fat Blob includes the first mixing suite in an amp simulation, we call it the BLOB MIX RACK ! With its functions from the biggest mixing studios, this MIX RACK will bring you a huge, precise and professional result !

Blob Mix Rack

Metronome & Tuner

Let's not forget the essential tools for guitarists


Playing in time is the basis of a good guitarist, that’s why in the fat blob you will find a metronome that adapts to all rhythmic situations.

You’ll have control over all the settings: change of subdivisions, BPM, volume, rhythmic signature, tap tempo and synchronization to the DAW.

Also adjustable on the fly from the main interface!



Playing in tune is the priority, that’s why this tuner will be integrated ! Its chromatic technology will allow you to tune your guitar perfectly in any tuning and refine its precision to the maximum.
Also for 7-8 string guitars and basses.

The Live Tuner option is there to allow you to keep an eye on your tuning from the main screen.

Blob Tools

Personalized tools for a unique experience


Atmospherique Headphone is a mode created for guitarists who want to play with headphones, offering a room simulation algorithm that increases the playing sensation tenfold and provides a comfort and quality of sound in headphones never reached in the world of amp simulation.



The BLOB DOUBLER mode allows you to create a stereo image (left/right) in one click to enlarge your sound and give a considerable amplitude when you play your guitar. The principle is to simulate what we hear on big musical productions to give you an impactful result.


The IR LOADER option, accessible from each cabinet, will allow you to take your sound experience with the FAT BLOB to the next level. Deactivate or load your favorite cab changes to give you a maximum of possibilities to find the sound that suits you.



That’s right ! The FAT BLOB has also been designed to be controlled with a MIDI pedalboard. So you can change the sound live, activate or deactivate effects and even design your own scene settings to switch from one to another ! Basically, you’ll have perfect autonomy ! The use in rehearsal with your band or on stage will be totally possible, because thanks to the “stage mode” we have imagined and designed your future plugin so that it is totally adapted to live situations !
Furthermore, MIDI Learn allows you to assign any button from any MIDI controller to any parameter with just one click.

Ergonomic preset

when creating presets finally makes sense !
Find 240 presets worked just for you!


We thought about the perfect ergonomics and the ease of being able to find the sound that suits you in one click ! But also to be able to create your favorite sound settings.

From Blues to Metal, from classic sounds to creative tones: Have fun !

That’s not all: A “scene mode” has been set up to switch from sound to sound like on a real amp and who knows… You can even use it in rehearsal with your band or on stage !

System Requirements

System Requirements

– FAT BLOB comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.
– Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.
– Minimum Requirements Mac OS 10.14 or Windows 10.
– Win / Mac Minimum CPU Requirements : Intel Core i3 processor.
– Win / Mac Minimum RAM Requirements : 8 GB.
– 500 MB free hard disc space per plug-in.

– An Internet connection is required to activate your license.
– No iLok usb dongle required.


– 1 activation available per user. (You can switch the license from one pc to another)
– AUDIO BLOB user account with an active FAT BLOB license required.

– It requires an external sound card.
– It doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets.

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