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The Legend of Blobnarök


These 3 Nordic gods come from Asgard to help out guitarists and bass players ! 

This time, power, wisdom and mischief are entrusted in your hands to give you the ultimate sound you’ve been looking for.

The beginning of a new era, which meets all your needs. Designed for beginners but also adapted to professionals. This amp simulation is the simple and efficient solution to find the sound that will allow you to go beyond all limits.

Blobnarök, 3 divine and ultimate amps:

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Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin Blobnarök audio plugin

Your Divine Amps

3 amps and their cabs to meet all your needs !

Blob Audio Amp LOKI

Blob Audio Amp LOKI


Designed for bass players and suitable for guitarists, this modern, warm and incisive amp will give you a balanced sound and perfect control of your frequencies. After plugging in your guitar, you will discover several modes and subtle settings : a fat and punchy sound for the bass, a deep and unique sound for the guitar, as well as a secret mode that will transform the sound of your guitar into bass if you do not have one on hand.

Enhance reality or transform it, Loki will guide you !

Blob Audio Amp LOKI
Blob Audio Amp Odin

Blob Audio Amp Odin


The most versatile amp of BLOBNARÖK ! Thanks to its fine-tuning and its subtlety, shape your sound in every detail ! From vintage to the most modern tones, from the softest clean to the most aggressive distortion, Odin lets you explore every corner of existing guitar sounds. With its three channels (Clean, OD and Distortion) and its subtle “Character” knob, Odin’s greatness will guide you.

Like the Allfather, there is no longer any limit to what you can do !

Blob Audio Amp Odin
Blob Audio Amp Thor

Blob Audio Amp Thor


Power, you say ? Thor is the most massive and efficient amp, with its 3 fixed gain modes (Low, Mid, High Gain) refined and perfectly calibrated, it will grant you its powers and its exclusive distortion in service of your sound ! Simple and minimalist settings will allow you to get the tone you want in an instant.

Massive, brutal and precise, such is the nature of Thor, the God of Thunder !

Blob Audio Amp Thor

Or choose your amp packs separately

Blob Audio Amp LOKI

What's in LOKI ?

  • • The Loki amp
  • • All the pre/post FXs
  • • The Infinity Loop
  • • The Multiverse
  • • The Divine Rack
  • • The Loki edition mics for guitars and basses
  • • The set of God Tools
  • • Access to the presets of the Loki amp
Blob Audio Amp Odin

What's in Odin ?

  • • The Odin amp
  • • All the pre/post FXs
  • • The Infinity Loop
  • • The Multiverse
  • • The Divine Rack
  • • The 6 Odin edition mics
  • • The set of God Tools
  • • Access to the presets of the Odin amp
Blob Audio Amp Thor

What's in Thor ?

  • • The Thor amp
  • • All the pre/post FXs
  • • The Infinity Loop
  • • The Multiverse
  • • The Divine Rack
  • • The 6 Thor edition mics
  • • The set of God Tools
  • • Access to the presets of the Thor amp
Blob Audio Amp

What's in Blobnarök ?

  • • The Odin, Loki and Thor amps
  • • All the pre/post FXs
  • • The Infinity Loop
  • • The Multiverse
  • • The Divine Rack
  • • The 8 mics
  • • The set of God Tools
  • • Access to the presets of Odin, Loki and Thor amps

Your Pre-Effects

4 PRE-FX included to fine-tune your sound !



TYRPRESSÖR - Compression

The Tyrpressor is the compression that will keep you on track. 

For a more balanced and consistent playing, it will accurately regulate the dynamics of your signal for an optimal and effective result. 



HELDRIVE - Overdrive

The Heldrive, an overdrive pedal with an incredibly realistic sound.

Its transparency will help your guitar to provide all kinds of possibilities : a mellow sound for some wonderful improvising, a more powerful drive texture for your wildest riffs, and when it is added to an amp distortion, it will reveal all its power if you need it !



HYDRÖFUZZ - Fuzz/Octaver

The Hydrofuzz will quench your thirst for saturation and bring you back to the raw essence of ‘rough around the edges’.

Its unique coloring will fit both the sound of your guitar and your bass. It incorporates an ultra-precise octave effect for bass and treble, allowing you to harmonize your fuzz sound for absolute control.

Combined with amp grain, you can enjoy playing your favorite riffs.





Essential for many guitarists, the Wah-Wah pedal gives you this mythical sound that has shaped the world of guitar, from funk rhythms to the most legendary solos. It has three modes suitable for all :

  • Auto Attack mode :
    The pedal will merge with your performance and your intentions.
  • Auto Wah Mode :
    This mode allows you to keep the pace for more comfort.
  • Manual Mode :
    Fully MIDI- controllable for more freedom and sensations !

Your effects

4 POST-FX included to really enhance your sound !




The FreyrVerb will give your sound the sense of space it deserves !

This custom reverb pedal gives you unparalleled depth and amplitude. It can be as discreet or as aerial as you want, thanks to very special options such as the “Bigness”, “Expansion” and Modulation knob. If you want to give more depth to your score, this pedal is what you need !

The god of prosperity has kept his promises !

Link böx

Röuting box

Link böx - Röuting box

Freyr and Freyja are united by brotherly ties

3 modes bind them together :
• Delay to Reverb
•Reverb to Delay

This is the best way to find the combination, chaining and sound that suit you.



FreyjaDelay - Delay

This pedal is not just a delay, it’s a double delay.

It gives you complete freedom of spatialization thanks to its stereo mode. You will find several modes: Modern/Tape/Vintage, as well as drive and sound coloration for a unique result. The good news is that they can be linked, but also unlinked for more freedom and opportunity.

The goddess of love will let you decide how to link them.



BRAGIATOR - Arpeggiator

Like the God Bragi, the Bragiator pedal is an arpeggiator that creates automatic and melodic arpeggios.

One touch of the string is enough to make the magic happen. Choose your scale and mode to enrich your melodies, from the simplest to the most complex. Unique and unimaginable sounds are waiting for you.



LESELLI - Leslie

Just like the Goddess Elli, Leselli will never grow old !

This is the quintessential vintage effect, this vibrato/rotary modulation originally used on Hammond organs has stood the test of time. Blobnarök has updated it to give you the opportunity to get a rare and unparalleled texture to your guitar playing. Several modes are available for you to explore a full range of sounds.

Infinity Löop


The Infinity Loop is able to endlessly record your rhythm, riffs and melodies. It’s the unlimited possibility to create and explore new horizons in complete autonomy. Record your loops and improvise over them ! Whether at home, in rehearsal or on stage, the Infinity Loop is here to help you weave captivating melodies ! There are several modes, including the “Infinite” option: no need to think, the Looper is autonomous and records endlessly ! But if you want absolute control, it is completely MIDI- controllable with a simple right click !

Blobnarök Looper


Multivoicer, pitch shifter, harmonizer? Whatever you want to call it, in BLOBNARÖK, it’s the Multiverse !

Play a note, and this pedal will harmonize it with a unique texture. The principle is to create any harmony and chord in the blink of an eye. You have access to 12 presets for more ease and to enhance your guitar playing. A chorus modulation is added for even more momentum. If you want to keep full control, manually adjust up to 4 Pitches and mix them simultaneously !

Will you be able to decipher the right combination and uncover the secret of this pedal ?


Blobnarök multiverse


Mix Rack

For the arrival of Blobnarök, the gods did not come down from Ásgard without backup! Like a celestial chariot, the DIVINE RACK carries with it a whole army for its integrated pro mixing chain: Band Equalizer, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Transient, Limiter. Promote the detail, finesse, and finish of your tone with this rack inspired by the greatest professional studios !

Blobnarök Divine Mix Rack

Ergönomic Presets

Shape your sound and create your own presets !
More than 550 presets included !


From Blues to Metal, sounds from the 50s to the 2020s, as well as creative and cinematic ambient sounds, our presets were carefully designed and handpicked to allow you to access the sound you are looking for in one click !

Plus, you can easily create and share your favorite settings.

Metronome & Tuner

The guitarist’s essentials !



Mastering tempo is essential for all guitarists!
That’s why we integrated a metronome that can adapt to any situation!

Get total control thanks to numerous parameters such as sub-divisions, beats per minute (BPM), volume, rhythmic signatures etc… !
That’s not all, enjoy a fluid and precise rhythmic playing experience by changing the sound of the metronome !


No perfect riffs without accuracy ! Tune your guitar or bass with one click and with great accuracy ! Thanks to its chromatic technology, you can perfectly tune your guitar in any key and fine-tune it to the fullest ! Better yet, you can change the metronome sound and adjust the A frequency !
Fully adapted to bass and guitars with 7, 8, 9 strings you don’t have any more excuses not to sound in tune !


God Tools

Tools to go even further !


The ultimate option is just a click away ! Instantly transpose your tuning settings without changing guitar. No need to complicate things to play your favorite songs in a different tuning setting or to compose in your favorite key !



This tool helps to get rid of all unwanted noises such as buzz, crackling or other extraneous sounds, it is there to clean your signal. A cleaner guitar playing for a heavier sound !


The IR LOADER is available in Blobnarök. It will help you to take the experience even further. Load your favorite IR cabs to be even closer to the sound that suits you ! If you want to use only Pre/Post FX and tools, without the amp head or cabinet, disable the amp and/or cabinet, and manage your sound system as you see fit !



Blobnarök is also controllable with a MIDI foot controller. You can change amps live, turn effects on or off, tune yourself, and even design your own scene settings to switch from one preset to another, whether at home, during rehearsals or live ! The integration of MIDI Learn in BLOBNARÖK allows you to assign any key from any controller to any parameter, button, knob, option or tool with just one click.

Reality Headphone

Discover the Reality Headphones, the ultimate tool for guitarists who want to play with headphones on ! magine diving into a world of sound in which your sound is at the center of space! 
Its simplicity of use aims to amplify your gaming sensations with a headset and to guarantee an optimal comfort. With the Reality Headphones, you can stay immersed in your bubble without being disturbed by the world around you. Unleash your musical potential without any limits even with headphones on !

Reality Headphone


Doubler mode makes it easy to create a stereo image (left/right). Widen your sound and give it momentum. With its impact and heaviness, you will get closer to the sound of big musical productions in one click.

The microphones of the Gods

There are eight of them !

Among them, 6 legendary microphones specifically selected for guitar and 2 for bass. This choice of microphones offers a maximum range of sounds and complementarity. Choose the combination that will shape your sound in every detail. Of course, you can also adjust their volumes, positions and distances as you wish.



Dynamic Ribbon
High-pitch, very soft and a little dark. 



Wider frequency response, brilliant. 



Neutral and transparent sound with clear highs. 



Dynamic Ribbon
Picks up low frequencies well and has a thicker sound. 



Ideal for electric guitar midrange. 



The most complete and versatile. Captures more low frequencies. 



Offers a richer and more nuanced frequency response. 
Mic dedicated exclusively to the Loki amp.



Specialized in low frequencies. It offers a superb attack and a lot of punch. 
Mic dedicated exclusively to the Loki amp.

System Requirements

System Requirements
– 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone.
– Latest OS Windows & Mac.
– Minimum required Mac OS 10.14 ou Windows 10.
– Win/Mac minimum cpu: intel core Processor i3.
– Win/Mac minimum Ram : 8gb.
– 500mb of hard disk space required.

• You must have an internet connection to activate the software.

• License activation is automatic after purchase (no need for ILOK key).

• The software can be used without an internet connection for 10 days (renewable) after activation.

• You must have purchased the software to use it without restrictions.

• Only one license is issued per user and per purchase. It is possible to release your license from your client account to go back and forth between two computers.

• You need at least a sound card, headphones, a guitar or bass and a computer to use the software.

• The software does not work on a smartphone or tablet.

• A free trial version is available to try the software.


Discover the possibilities of BLOBNARÖK with this video !

Bonus: A Hidden Game


Even during their fiercest battles, the gods, great lovers of eternal pleasure, enjoy taking a short break.

In order for you to have fun like the gods, we may have hidden a small game within Blobnarök.

Will you be able to solve the riddle for it to appear ?

hidden game