• Preset Red Cold Chili Peppers


    You asked for some California Pop-Funk-Rock?
    With this Red Cold Chili Peppers pack you’re in for a treat!
    Clean, crunchy sounds and ultimate leads are ready to make your guitar groove!
    Grab this and install these settings in one click! 
    (incl. 13 presets)

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  • Preset Met Allika


    What about our Metallika pack, a unique sound that revolutionized the world of metal…
    Now you can get closer to this result with this carefully crafted pack!
    Legendary rhythmic sounds, bewitching cleans and solo sounds: it’s all in this pack!
    To sound like Papa Het or Mr. Kirk you just have to install this pack on your Fat Blob!

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  • Preset AD/CD


    Want to make the watts roar? Push your amps to 11 
    We’ve concocted an electrifying pack featuring the best of this legendary band!
    Get the sound that forged hard rock and make your guitar roar by playing legendary riffs and ultimate solos! 
    It’s time to get this pack in one click!

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